Christian Black took creative writing classes at Florida University.  Having a vivid, creative, wild imagination played an intricate part of the development of Pleasures & Sin; “A constant movie played in my mind, everything that I saw and felt I had to bring it to life and existence.”

 His mentor, the late E. Lynn Harris, inspired Christian Black to write this novel; upon spending countless time with Mr. Harris, he mentored Christian with developing a plot, storyline, and defining characters, “My inspiration came from Mr. Harris, he told me to write every day, he was there for me when I originally had a single journal; his words and encouragement is what made me the author I am today, for that I will always cherish his words to write every day.”

 Christian Black came up with the concept of Pleasures & Sin through a compilation of journal entries.  Pleasures & Sin is based around the author’s life, past experiences, relationships, and fictional characters.  The first installment of a three part series, this novel focuses on Cedric Jones’ life and story.  Next, the sequel is based on a recurring character Clarissa “Honey” McCoy as you read her side of the story and take a walk through her life.  The final installment is based on the truth (his side, her side, and the truth) because we all know there is three sides to every story.  All leading to the conclusion of the collection shocking revelations, deepest secrets revealed, friendships will be put to the test and an interesting twist revealed.  The Pleasures & Sin collection is intended to capture the audience and create a movie within their mind all while asking, “What is your deepest pleasure?”

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